Aug 31 2023


I will now post 1 or 2 chapters of the Castle in the Sky novel per week. The first couple of chapters are not in the film and fans might find it interesting. Hope you like it!

Aug 29 2023

Arrietty: Making Convincing Visuals Preparations for a Complete Scene

 (Interview with 
Ghibli animator Atsushi Okui)

Kiki’s Delivery: I Want to Show Various Facets of a Single Person



 (Interview with Hayao Miyazaki)

Kiki’s Delivery: Bringing Out the Local Color of a Fictional Country


 Interview with Isao Takahata

Aug 26 2023

Reading “Porco Rosso” Through the Lens of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Power of Animation by Akiyuki Nosaka (Author of “Grave of the Fireflies”

Aug 24 2023

A World From Shou’s Perspective w/ Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Arrietty)

I Thought “The Little People Under the Floor” Could Hint at the Times by Hayao Miyazaki (Arrietty)

20 Aug 2023


Overdone the Pigeon Cut (Castle in the Sky) Interview with Ghibli Animator Makiko Futaki


I Want to Create Popular Culture that Transcend Time (Castle in the Sky) Interview with Hayao Miyazaki

18 Aug 2023

3 Articles on Whisper of the Heart:


The Night the 45 Year Old Rookie Director Kondo Yoshifumi Cried by Toshio Suzuki


The Sound That Connects the World and Time-Yukari Fujimoto


Meeting Someone I Admire: Interview with Yoshifumi Kondo x Aoi Hiiragi (Original author of “Whisper of the Heart”)

17 Aug 2023

What We Wanted to Convey in this Film w/ Kondo Yoshifumi (Whisper of

the Heart)

Why Girls’ Manga Now–The Aim of This Film w/ Hayao Miyazaki 

(Whisper of the Heart)

12 Aug 2023

“Grave of the Fireflies” and Modern Children

9 Aug 2023

Grave of the Fireflies: It’s Okay to be Weak, Toward Becoming a Kind Country

5 Aug 2023

Family Landscape- Brother of Hayao Miyazaki (Shiro Miyazaki) written in 1990

Ordered these book and am excited to try to translate them and add them in the site in the future.

Stories of Studio Ghibli by Toshio Suzuki, Textbooks of When Marnie Was There, Princess Kaguya

Novelized version of Castle in the Sky with Hayao Miyazaki and Osamu Kameoka

27 July 2023

What I Learned From “Totoro” by Pete Docter

25 July 2023

44 Questions to Hayao Miyazaki on “Princess Mononoke”

Taking on the Role of a Supporting Producer (Isao Takakhata Interview about Nausicaa)


23 July 2023

My Grandfather, Gianni Caproni- The Era Depictred in Porco Rosso

22 July 2023

Self Reflection in Porco Rosso: A Conversation with Hayao Miyazaki

13 July 2023

Here is more information about the upcoming film “How Do You Live?”

How Do You Live? Film Information Prior to Release

12 July 2023

10 July 2023

5 July 2023

I added 3 articles, one on Princess Mononoke and the other 2 are for Howl’s Moving Castle.


Fierce gods and Mankind by Hayao Miyazaki

2 July 2023

What is the Magic of “Howl’s Moving Castle”


A Playboy has No Heart


Here are two articles for the Nausicaa page

What are Storyboards or Ekonte?

The Princess Who Loves Insects

31 June 2023

Updated another 3 articles on Howl’s Moving Castle:


Capturing the Characters Sensibilities in Howl’s Moving Castle

The Charm of Characters that Transform Freely


Miyazaki: “Yamashita’s ‘flair’ stands out in this film”

30 June 2023

Update 3 articles on Howl’s Moving Castle:


Howl’s Moving Castle: Director’s Vision Statement (2002)

The Most Challenging Work in All of Miyazaki’s Film

What is True Beauty?

29 June 2023

Just updated 4 pieces for Spirited Away:


“I Wanted to Depict the Inner Conflict of a Ten Year Old”

Chihiro Within All of Us

The Perfect Tunnel

Lonely No-Face

28 June 2023

Just updated with three more pieces:


Kiki’s Delivery- Solving the Mystery of Ursula’s Painting


Kiki’s Delivery- Kiki’s Black Dress & Daily Life by Hayao Miyazaki


Spirited Away- The Purpose of Spirited Away

27 June 2023

Just update the website with two more pieces:


Castle in the Sky- The Myth of the Girl Who Fell from the Sky


Kiki’s Delivery- About the Girl that Flies

26 June 2023

Hi all, I’m currently spell/ grammar checking articles, but so far I was able to get 3 articles posted:

Nausicaa-Biology of the Sea of Decay


Nausicaa-Nausicaa as a Girl & Nausicaa as a Heroine

Castle in the Sky-The Inner Trajectory of Pazu and Sheeta