Whisper of the heart

Why Girls’ Manga Now? –The Aim of the Film–


In a transitioning 21st-century Japan, Hayao Miyazaki reflects on society’s rapid changes, challenging established norms. Through “Whisper of the Heart,” based on Aoi Hiiragi’s girls’ manga, Miyazaki crafts more than a typical love story. Honoring the manga’s innocence, the film becomes a message from older generations to the youth about passion, dreams, and life’s essence. Miyazaki’s vision daringly underscores authenticity in idealized encounters, prompting viewers to re-evaluate contemporary life’s significance.

 What We Wanted to Covey in this Film–Interview


An interview with Yoshifumi Kondo on how he collaborated with Hayao Miyazaki on storyboards and character designs for the film. Prioritizing authenticity and animator freedom, Kondo aimed for a nostalgic depiction of Tokyo, emphasizing an ordinary child’s journey.

Meeting Someone I Admire: Yoshifumi Kondo x Aoi Hiiragi

Originally born as a manga, “Whisper of the Heart” has been given a new life through animation in this film. A discussion between the original author (Aoi Hiiragi) and the director (Yoshifumi Kondo), both of whom admire each other’s works, took place just before the movie’s completion.

The Sound That Connects the World and Time

“Whisper of the Heart” celebrates books and growing up. The author’s memories align with the film’s themes. Revived by Studio Ghibli, the film echoes Ireland’s musical legacy and Kondo’s enduring impact.

The Night the 45 Year old Rookie Director Cried

In an article by Toshio Suzuki, he recounts Studio Ghibli’s summer retreats, Miyazaki’s discovery of “Whisper of the Heart”, and the distinctive directing styles of Miyazaki and Yoshifumi Kondo. The story of Studio Ghibli’s production challenges and successes is intricately detailed.