Spirited away

I Wanted to Depict the Inner Conflict of a Ten Year Old


Animation director Masashi Ando sought to create a realistic depiction of a ten-year-old girl in this film, focusing on the character’s authentic emotions and experiences. He attempted to balance the visionary style of Miyazaki while adding his own unique perspective to the characters.

Chihiro Within All of Us

In “Chihiro Within All of Us”, Chisato Abe explores her deep connection to “Spirited Away”‘s protagonist, Chihiro, whose realistic and relatable character transcends the traditional child-hero mold. This identification with Chihiro’s growth through adversity provides Chisato a lasting source of courage and resilience.

The Purpose of Spirited Away


Hayao Miyazaki explains his inspiration behind creating the masterpiece, Spirited Away.

The Perfect Tunnel


Film “Spirited Away” resonated with the author, recalling childhood adventures and the allure of another world. It influenced his works, emphasizing the importance of images and departure from traditional narrative structures. Memories of a different world near home shaped his path as a novelist.

Lonely No-Face


No-Face mysterious and endearing presence in “Spirited Away” represents a schizoid personality, engulfment fears, and the struggle between desires, leading to a melancholic journey of surrender and identity.