Castle in the sky

The Myth of the Girl Who Fell from the Sky

“Castle in the Sky” is a film with hidden messages and symbols. It explores the desire to escape gravity and the concept of falling from heaven. The film references mythology, science, and literature to convey deeper meanings. The levitation stones, Indra’s Arrow, and the World Tree are significant elements in the story. The article offers hints and interpretations but acknowledges that Hayao Miyazaki, the creator, may have intended something different.

The Inner Trajectory of Pazu and Sheeta

“Laputa” is a beautifully crafted animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It follows the adventurous journey of Pazu and Sheeta, exploring themes of friendship, selflessness, and the perils of excessive power. The film captivates viewers with its breathtaking visuals and leaves them yearning for the tranquility of home.

Family Landscape- Brother of Hayao Miyazaki (1990)


Miyazaki Shirou reflects on his childhood with famous brother, Hayao Miyazaki. Discussing their strong-willed, ill mother and hardworking father, he depicts a tightly-knit family adapting to challenges. Despite his brother’s growing fame, Shirou perceives Hayao as a talented but regular older brother.

I Want to Create Popular Culture That Transcend Time

Hayao Miyazaki discusses the influence of various childhood readings, notably an abridged “Gulliver’s Travels,” on “Castle in the Sky.” He contemplates the role of popular culture, noting it can both reflect and transcend its era, aiming to create timeless works.

I Think I Overdid It With The Pigeons


Futaki Makiko, a Studio Ghibli animator, discussed her passion for birds influencing her work on “Laputa”. She shared real-life experiences with pigeons, mentioned challenges in animating animals, and expressed her fondness for characters Sheeta and Pazu.

This translation covers the “Castle in the Sky” novel, which spans two books with a total of 22 chapters. The content provides insights not found in the film. I’ll release a chapter weekly.

Military vehicle reaches untouched Gondoa Valley. Muska seeks young Sheeta, takes precious box. She’s forcibly taken, leaving behind memories and home.

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Portraying Everyday Acting for Action Scenes


In 1985, Tsukasa collaborated with Miyazaki on “Castle in the Sky.” Miyazaki’s nuanced characters were challenging. Tsukasa animated key scenes, appreciated in-house teamwork, and aspires for film-quality animations.